Designing and building your space

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What do we do?


Our main objective is to make your workspace have all the necessary features to be a comfortable space with the best acoustic conditions. To do this, we have a work team conscious that quality must be maximum.



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Designing your space

In ATEacústica we consider that the best way to achieve the maximum performance to your space is to make from scratch a design that suits your needs. From the first talk we will make a 3D design from which you will be able to see your recording studio. This design will be adapted and transformed according to your needs.


Professional Recording Studios


From the scratch of the space, to the finishes, we went through all the steps involved in the design and construction of a recording studio. 

     -Acoustic isolation.

     -Control room treatment.

     -Recording studio acoustic treatment.

     -Audio wiring.

     -Electrical wiring. 

     -Vetilation system.



Personal Recording Studios


Today this type of enclosure has experienced a remarkable increasement. In ATEacústica we do not reject to any project and we are able to adapt to whatever kind of conditions. 

In order to do that we have a wide range of hand-built absorbent systems, so we can make the improvement of your room to be remarkable.

     -First reflections panels.

     -Low frequency panels.

     -Mobile Gobos.


If you want any other absorber system, tell us and we will design and build it for you.